WiReGo: „Beteiligungsfonds Landkreis Goslar“

With the "Beteiligungsfonds Landkreis Goslar", the Wirtschaftsförderung Region Goslar GmbH & Co. KG (WiReGo) offers an equity capital support programme for startups and small and medium-sized companies.

"Beteiligungsfonds Landkreis Goslar"

  • The aim is to promote promising startup or investment projects in the district of Goslar.

  • The following conditions must be met:

    • The project must be of convincing quality and be presented in a comprehensible concept.

    • The project to be funded must not have started at the beginning of the measure.

    • Eligible applicants are either persons who are planning to set up, take over or relocate a company in the district of Goslar, or small and medium-sized companies planning special projects for further company development.

    • The capital requirement for the implementation of the start-up or investment project should exceed 6,000 €.

    • Equity capital amounting to 50% of the desired investment sum must be contributed (e.g. for an investment sum of 20,000 €, an additional 10,000 € must be contributed as "real equity capital").

    • The company must not be founded as a freelance professional, where the professional code of conduct would prevent the participation.


  • The following added value is in it for you:

    • You will receive equity-like funds of between 2,000 € and 30,000 € for your project, which means a significant improvement in creditworthiness and simplifies and reduces access to bank and development loans.

    • You get the possibility to act freely with these funds until the agreed repayment date of the participation sum (lies between 3 and 8 years).

    • You will benefit from continuous, high-quality and free support from the joint Startup Service of TUC and WiReGo for the entire duration of your participation.

  • For further information, e.g. regarding profit and loss sharing, interest and procedure, you can download this document or visit the WiReGo website. Of course, you can also simply contact the Startup Service of the TU Clausthal- we will be happy to arrange an appointment for further consultation.