Entrepreneurship Route

The workshop series of the startup service

Become a founder!

Develop your start-up mindset with us - from the idea to the pitch!

We develop ideas together with you or refine existing business ideas. At the end of our workshop series you will not only have a well-developed start-up know-how, you will also have a finished business model and be able to formulate your own business plan.

Block 1: Ideation
Ideation-Workshop - Find your start-up idea!
Idea Development Workshop - Take your idea to the next level!

Block 2: Idea Professionalization
Business Model Workshop - Professionalize your idea!
Business Model Testing - Test your idea!

Block 3: Pitching
Pitch deck workshop - Create your successful pitch deck!
Pitch training workshop - pitch, pitch, pitch!

Workshop language: German

Duration? 3 hours each session
Where? Gründungszentrum, Agricolastraße 8, 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany
Who? The workshops are open to all interested students, alumni, employees of the TU Clausthal and external persons.

Dates and Registration

The Entrepreneurship Route 2023 has ended. Registration is currently not possible.


Simon Wolters

Phone: +49-5323-72-7761
E-Mail: simon.wolters@tu-clausthal.de

Office: Gründungszentrum Clausthal-Zellerfeld