Startup skills and entrepreneurship

If you want to successfully implement ideas and maybe even consider starting your own business, you need to be able to think and act entrepreneurially. For this, you need a variety of skills - for example, the ability to identify opportunities for value creation and to develop ideas, or a certain understanding of economics.

The TU Clausthal already offers a number of courses that help you to learn the skills of entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Many of them can be found in the course catalogue under "Startup Skills and Entrepreneurship".

Depending on what you are studying, these courses may already be an integral part of your degree programme or you can have them credited to it. You can find information on this in the implementation regulations and module handbooks of your degree programmes.

Our goal is to have the courses on startup skills and entrepreneurship recognised in as many degree programmes at TU Clausthal as possible over time and to expand the existing range of courses. Ideally, all students at TU Clausthal should have the opportunity to acquire entrepreneurial thinking and acting in addition to technical skills during their studies.

In the following PDF you will find information about which competences of entrepreneurial thinking and acting you can learn in which courses. Aside from that you can find further information in our blog-article about startup skills.