News #3: Gründungsservice x HARZ Startup

We dit it: #harzstartupsinterview - The interview series of the startup ecosystem HARZ Startups

In the past months we got to know another great project: HARZ Startups - a cooperation of the Harz University of Applied Sciences and the Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences. HARZ Startups was launched with the goal to connect founders (and all those who want to become founders) and relevant actors in the Harz region more strongly and to give them supra-regional visibility.

After some internal discussions, we decided to interview each other for our respective blogs and record the conversation for you as a video. So here it is!
In the first edition of the #harzstartupinterviews there was an exciting exchange between Lisa and Pauline from HARZ Startups and Marcel and Diana from the TU Clausthal startup service. In the interview you get exciting insights into the two projects, great startup stories and learn about the advantages of the Harz region. Have fun watching!

Watch the video:

More information about HARZ Startups:


Published on 05.08.2021
Author: Diana Madeheim