Events #2: Ringvorlesung 2022

Backstage @ Lecture Series Business Startup - Module of the SNIC Innovation Academy

From March 28 to April 1, 2022, our "Business Startup Lecture Series" took place as an "Advanced Theory Module" as part of the SNIC Innovation Academy. Ten wonderful and motivated participants learned everything they needed to develop and expand their startup idea during this week.

The week was kicked off with idea development, which workshop coach Marcel taught in an interactive and lively way on Monday with the topic of Design Thinking.

With the method of the Business Model Canvas, basics of (tax) legal issues and possibilities of financial support, other TU-internal and external workshop leaders also provided all the background information that the participants will urgently need on their further startup journey.

The week was completed with practical and interactive parts, with a presentation training as well as a workshop
especially for pitches, designed by workshop leader Viva.

On Friday, all participants then presented their ideas as pitches, highlighting the wide variety of topics - from pro-
tective tape for joints during sports to a smart wine fridge.

Thank you all for this wonderful week and all the best on your way!


Published on 06.04.2022
Author: Cornelia Strauß