Idea Development Workshop - Take your idea to the next level!

You are creative, you are a maker, you want to build your own business? You have an idea, what do others say about your idea? Is there still room for improvement? What are your unique selling points? How can you convince others of your idea? We will work all this out.

You like to work in a team? Bring your potential founding partners and work together on your future business.


  • Theory bases idea development (e.g. Walt Disney method and Advocatus Diaboli)
  • Further development of existing ideas
  • Networking & team finding
  • Testing of ideas

Dates and Registration

The Entrepreneurship Route 2023 has ended. Registration is currently not possible.


Simon Wolters

Phone: +49-5323-72-7761

Office: Gründungszentrum Clausthal-Zellerfeld