Community #5: New Startup Center

A Startup Center for everybody

Since June 2021, construction has been underway on the campus of the TU Clausthal. By mid-2022, a startup center will be built at Agricolastraße 8, where you - students, graduates and academic staff of the TU Clausthal - can develop and realize your startup ideas in an inspiring ambience and receive professional and comprehensive support. If you are out and about on the grounds of the TU Clausthal, you can already observe the first construction progress. Jean-Marie Jüptner from Wirtschaftsförderung Region Goslar GmbH, or WiReGo for short, explains to us why the startup center will be a super opportunity for anyone interested.


A wide range of services to support you in all phases of your startup.

In the startup center (virtual tour of the startup center) you can develop, realize and test your startup ideas and plans alone or in teams in your own offices or at one of the ten co-working workplaces. In addition, there are workshops and halls available for you to carry out product tests and to develop and test technical processes or to store materials. Thermal processes can be carried out in a specially configured room. No matter what stage of your startup you are in, at the Gründungszentrum you will not only have suitable premises at your disposal, but also an optimal range of support services. Not only do you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other founders and young entrepreneurs and to learn from each other, but there are also always startup experts on hand for professional support, whom you can contact at any time. Whether it's developing an innovative business idea, working out a business plan, securing financing with recourse to public funding, or finding suitable partners - the consulting teams at Clausthal University of Technology and WiReGo will provide you with competent and free advice and support on all questions related to founding a company, either on a one-off or long-term basis. In addition to individual advice, there will also always be suitable workshop offers, networking events and competitions.

Optimal conditions at favorable rental terms

You will be able to rent the premises in the start-up center at low cost from mid-2022. They are equipped with the appropriate infrastructure. For catering, you can use one of the kitchens with comprehensive equipment. As a tenant, you can also make use of the two modern event rooms, including a catering service, to hold meetings or events at low cost. If you would like to inquire about the equipment and rental conditions or make rental inquiries at an early stage, you can contact Gründungszentrum Clausthal-Zellerfeld GmbH using the contact details below.

Origin of the idea

The construction of the Gründungszentrum is intended to improve the start-up climate in the economic region of Goslar and to contribute to a perceptible, activating and motivating startup culture. This initiative is financed by the support of the TU Clausthal through the BMWi support program "EXIST-Potentials" as well as by funds of the district of Goslar. The construction of the startup center, in turn, was funded with a notable NBank grant, the remaining own contribution was borne by the district of Goslar as well as the mountain and university town of Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

Contact details for interested parties

It is expected that from the end of January rental contracts can be firmly concluded and you can already secure your office/space in the startup center. Are you interested in using the premises and services of the startup center? Then you can already contact Janett Kruse of the Gründungszentrum Clausthal-Zellerfeld GmbH: or 05321/76203.


Published on 12.01.2022
Author: Jean-Marie Jüptner