Community #4: TUCreate

As part of the student workshop TUCreate, three institutes at Clausthal University of Technology offer you the opportunity to realise your project ideas prototypically in their workshops and laboratories. Nadine Kaiser, volunteer in the press office, visited two of the workshops for her TUC StudiBlog and was fascinated by the many possibilities. You can also read her report about TUCreate here.

TUCreate - Vom Basteln und Bauen

The workshops and laboratories of TU Clausthal are open to you at a total of three locations: at the Institutes of Computer Science (IFI), Mechanical Engineering (IMW) and Welding Technology and Separating Production Processes (ISAF). I have visited two of the workshops and am fascinated by the many possibilities. Moreover, you can go to the workshops even without much prior knowledge, because there are enough contact persons who will advise and support you in implementing your project ideas.

My first visit took me to the workshop rooms at the Institute of Computer Science. The first thing I noticed was a foosball table right in the middle of the room. To the left are computers and components, and to the right you'll find a large soldering workstation, among other things. "Outside of TUCreate's opening hours, these are workstations for bachelor's and master's theses," says Andreas Reinhardt (IFI). "After all, you need a break at some point," he adds, looking at the foosball table. Among other things, students can implement their own electronic tinkering projects in the workshop, repair electrical devices that no longer work, or borrow and test single-board computers such as the Raspberry Pi or Arduino. So far, students have built a clock that tells the time in words, for example. Small kits, such as for a mini-synthesizer, can also be used to try soldering once. "The biggest piece of equipment we've had here so far was an expensive sewing machine. The motor had broken down," says Andreas Reinhardt.

My second stop was in the workshop at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering. Among other things, there are 3D printers, laser cutters and a CNC milling machine that can be used to produce various parts in any shape. Raphael Rehmet (IMW), who shows me around the workshop, switches on the 3D printers and demonstrates the laser cutter to me. He uses it to laser a small TUC StudiBlog wooden sign. In principle, anyone with a project idea can do this and much more. For example, other students have already lasered a world map made of cork, into which pins can be inserted to mark places already visited.

The third participating institute is the ISAF. There you can learn welding, from simple welds to your own names. With practice, you can even make simple welded constructions by welding different metal sheets together. TUCreate also offers exciting opportunities during your studies: In the TUCreate practical project, students from different fields of study can work together to complete a specific task. Previous projects have included a fully automated grill or a candy sorter.

Curious now? Then take a look at and visit one of the laboratories at the three institutes. Maybe you'll also find a new hobby. ?


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Published on 30.09.2021
Author: Nadine Kaiser