SNIC Innovationsakademie

An essential foundation and breeding ground for a revitalized innovation and startup culture at the universities and the entire region of Southern Lower Saxony is a systematic, sustainable offer for innovation and startup qualification. This is the task of the joint SNIC Innovation Academy of the partner universities in the South Lower Saxony Innovation Campus. It forms the framework for a series of needs-based qualification formats of innovation or entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship education, which links and complements the offer of the universities.


Certificate Programme "Innovation and Founding"

The SNIC certificate programme consists of four modules that form a self-contained content unit on the topic of innovation. If you successfully complete all four modules, you will receive the certificate "Innovation and Foundation". The modules are offered at the TU Clausthal, the University of Göttingen and the PFH Göttingen.

The programme is aimed at students of the universities in Southern Lower Saxony, scientists and alumni, employees and non-students of the Southern Lower Saxony region.

You can take all modules at all universities in Southern Lower Saxony. Participation is mutually recognised by the universities.